Carlo Habet


A serial entrepreneur, Carlo is the rare consummate businessman and creative professional in one.  With over 10 years experience in marketing and video production, turning a client's vision into reality is his core competency and greatest pleasure.  Always up for the challenge: 'There's nothing we can't do, period.'

Ryan Mendez


With a M.A. in International Relations and years of experience in dealing with both national and international clients Ryan Is able to map out the specific needs of each client to ensure all goals are achieved.“The ability to adapt, embrace change and plan for the future is the key to success”.

Hugh Gotoy


Hugh is a valued and trusted business partner. Hugh’s career over the past 8 years has involved customer service, client relations, sales marketing, project coordination/management and promotion.

Lesly Sajia

Graphic Designer

Lesly is an up an coming graphic design that can handle any project thrown at her. Constantly looking for inspiration, Lesly is able to produce numerous styles.

Jahmai Trapp

Creative Director

Unsatisfied with the production quality in Belize at the beginning of the decade, Jahmai set out to assemble a team with enough passion and talent to propel local productions to an international standard. He considers himself a fan and student of art and design. “There is no graduation as there will always be new techniques and styles to master”.

André Habet

Copy Writer

André Habet is a writer of advertisements, poetry, films, and critical writing about comic books. Currently, he is completing his PhD at Syracuse University. He brings to the Ignite team an ability to create scripts and copy that bring clients’ advertising ambitions to life in clear, and inventive ways. 

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